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Quarterly 1/2-day 'blue sky' session with Company Leader(s), or individual designated, to work through critical issues, goals like 90-day ROCKS, tactical planning, strategic planning exercises, staying on track, or just challenging the status quo. This session can be leveraged to do just that.


Need to challenge a staff member to "get in gear" or do you want to offer professional development? Personalized sessions are planned with participants and business leaders to get the most out of each other.

Packages are personalized to the needs of each person or organization. Contact for programs and pricing. Contact Now For More Information


This interactive half-day workshop allows teams to gain a better understanding of their personal work style and how they communicate and respond to various situations. Healthy, positive relationships come from having an accurate understanding of yourself and others. DISC is a powerful tool for obtaining a new appreciation for our personality styles and their effect on our everyday lives.


What is Included:  


  • Each participant will have an individualized report that will help them to understand their strengths and struggles; as well as providing suggested strategies for success. 

  • The interactive workshop will take the team through a progressive approach to build individual and team awareness for immediate application in each participant’s role.  

  • A map of your team/participants. This transparency and visibility provides a high-level view of your team and for the team to understand differences quickly. 

  • Visual mix of where people fall on the scale of being outgoing or reserved and on the scale of being task-oriented or people-oriented. 

  • Finally, leaders will receive individual interaction guides between you and each participant to give you a personalized playbook for positive interaction.


This package includes consulting and analysis time along with the above billed fifty (50%) percent up-front, balance due on delivery. DiSC Assessments are charged at a pass-through cost per individual depending upon the level of assessment selected. Contact Now For More Information

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